+15 Important Tips to Writing Clean C# Code in 2022

The issue with this is that your class won’t be conceptually cohesive and it will give it many reasons to change. Minimizing the amount of times you need to change a class is important. Use method chainingThis pattern is very useful and commonly used in many libraries. It allows your code to be expressive, and less verbose. For that reason, use method chaining and take a look at how clean your code will be.

how to write cleaner code in C#

While finalizers can help free up resources from objects that have not been correctly disposed of and help to prevent memory leaks, they do have a number of drawbacks. You would also end up with a memory leak if you were to create object references in a thread that never terminates. how to write cleaner code in C# When you use anonymous methods that capture class members, the instance of the class is referenced. This causes a reference to the class instance to remain alive while the anonymous methods stay alive. When objects are left hanging around in memory, they can lead to memory leaks.

Normally, if your code drifts beyond 10 lines it may be doing more than it is intended to. Finally, I want to share with you an experience that I had with a project that did not use clean code. Calling back to my earlier anecdote, when I first started as a developer the team was focused on clean code. At that time, I didn’t understand the importance. Removing duplicate code means creating an abstraction that can handle this set of different things with just one function/module/class. This can be hard to understand at first, but if you’ve worked with .NET/.NET Core framework, you’ve seen an implementation of this principle in the form of Dependency Injection .

Common Architectural Design Smells Outline

A great feature that came out with the release of C# 8 is theNullable reference types. It is a great way to reduce the throwing of NullReferenceException. Returning null can lead to NullReferenceException, and you might think you can’t avoid this exception, but you can. The problem, however, is most people just don’t think of all the edge cases, and it causes a lot of bugs. Worry about performance issues once you finish implementing and after testing the feature. The easiest way to refactor nested if statements is to use a guard clause.

These rules are subjective, so your team can choose whatever they want. The point is, no matter what you all choose, just be consistent. Do you want to enhance your application’s performance by reducing the use of iterative code?

  • I remember those days when I started my career in programming.
  • We’ll discuss how we can write few lines of code to do the same job instead of writing extra line of code.
  • N’t want to create a separate file then you can add using statement in .csprojfile as well.
  • An example would be a static variable that holds a reference to an object that you no longer require.
  • Earlier, writing lambda expressions required you to mention return types explicitly.
  • This may seem a bit abstract, but if a string must be read only, specifying that it is read only and not write, is your obligation.

In the past, people would add many comments to their code because they thought it was suitable for the project. And they saw everyone else was adding comments everywhere. It was just there for the sake of having more comments. But when you’re writing code that isn’t very readable, you can be sure that no one else won’t like to work with it. You are a developer, but instead of DEVELOPING new code, you spend most of your time fixing code that is already in use? Produced by developers who are not in your company anymore.

// At this point the unit of work object has been disposed of. This excerpt from the Kusto Query Language project is a good example of an API documentation comment. This can be a major cause of stress when you are expected to work on it with set deadlines.

#21 Use SOLID principles

Use your IDE’s refactoring features and extract a method whenever you come across a repeated code segment. Flag arguments naturally contradict the principle of single responsibility. When you see them, you should consider dividing the function into two.

how to write cleaner code in C#

Writing codes that can be reusable is quite vital. It can decrease the overall lines of code in your project and makes it highly efficient. You do not want to copy-paste a function through multiple classes. Rather what you could do is, make a Shared Library Project and reference it in each of the required projects.

Encapsulate Conditionals in Functions

I’m passionate about building rich and powerful applications using modern technologies. The level is determined by a majority opinion of students who have reviewed this class. The teacher’s recommendation is shown until at least 5 student responses are collected. Watch the on-demand recording of this webinar to learn the importance of in-game chat and how to bring high-quality comms to your multiplayer games with Vivox. A guide that compiles detailed summaries of all Unity systems, features, and workflows for experienced technical artists. Currently employed by a leading software house, he develops and supports order processing and warehouse management software written in C#.

We will be covering refactoring of code in later chapters with actual code examples. The more customers there are, the more versions of the code required. This soon becomes untenable and a right nightmare to maintain.

how to write cleaner code in C#

He then moved on to develop GIS marketing applications and worked in the banking sector performing data migrations between Oracle and SQL Server. Certified as an MCAD in C# since 2005, he has been involved in the development of various desktop, web, and mobile applications. Software projects are usually founded upon a collection of facts and assumptions. Facts are easy to deal with but assumptions are something else. When coming up with a software project solution to a problem, you normally discuss the problem and potential solutions as a team. When choosing a solution, you should always choose the project with the least assumptions as this will be the most accurate choice to implement.

I’m waiting to read your article on Clean Architecture. Also please add some points about projects separation in solution through your new article. Please do write the article on clean architecture. Such methods are used in scenarios where the method body is much smaller than even the method definition itself.

Primitive Obsession Abusing Extension Methods

And I am sure most readers have faced the situation where you visit your code only a few months later and have a hard time understanding what you did before. Most examples are taken from Robert J. Martin’s Clean Code. It is a programming classic and I suggest you read the whole text when you have time. Writing clean, understandable, and maintainable code is a skill that is crucial for every developer to master. For the second question ir more or les the same focus.

how to write cleaner code in C#

But how do you ensure that you are writing code that is easy to read and understand? They allow you to see how other developers see your code. Clean code is C# code that is easy to read and understand, both for the original author and any future developers who may need to work on the codebase. It is a code that follows best coding practices and is organized in a logical way. At first glance, any developer that has never seen your code before has to understand it as much as possible. The result is that you leave the code cleaner and more maintainable than you found it.

[Solved]-how to write clean code in c# language and improve quality of code-C#

Now, you do need to have side effects in a program on occasion. Like the previous example, you might need to write to a file. What you want to do is to centralize where you are doing this. Don’t have several functions and classes that write to a particular file. This is part two of a series on writing clean code. This post is much shorter and touches on more technical and specific aspects.

Code that is readable

Get all the quality content you’ll ever need to stay ahead with a Packt subscription – access over 7,500 online books and videos on everything in tech. A project with less moving parts has less that can go wrong with it. If you have the same piece of code in multiple locations, and you find the code has a fault and needs to be modified, you must then modify the code in other areas. In situations like this, it is very easy to overlook code that requires modification.

This workbook covers blueprint topics and provides challenging examples. Owning skills of producing a well-designed and well-implemented types is the prerequisite for the other developers to treat you as a real professional. When you have a code block with multiple loops one after the other, you need different iterator variables. It’s not only better to look at, as it’s always clear that “i” is your iterator variable, but it’s also slightly more efficient.

However it would be hard to express by code WHY the developer choose djb2 hash algorithm instead of sha-1 or another hash function. Use multiple catch block instead of if conditions.If you need to take action according to type of the exception, you better use multiple catch block for exception handling. Don’t use ‘throw ex’ in catch blockIf you need to re-throw an exception after catching it, use just ‘throw’ By using this, you will save the stack trace. But in the bad option below, you will lost the stack trace.

And, if there is any modification needed, you would just have to change the code in the shared library, not everywhere. As you can see in the preceding method, it has 10 lines of code https://globalcloudteam.com/ and is hard to read. This code can be broken down into two methods that each perform a single task. One method would encrypt a string, and the other method would decrypt the string.

Now let’s repeat the process as we look at methods that do many things. It needs to be refactored into smaller, better-organized classes. All-encompassing classes like this are a pain to read. If you come across classes like this, organize the functionality into regions.

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