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I had help filling the first trailer-full but not the second and obviously I had to unload both of them myself when I got back home. So it was quite an effort and I was surprised that I managed to do it in a reasonable time without any physical ill effects. It makes a mockery of what poor UK pilots have to go through annually within a system that’s both time-consuming and expensive. Littler wonder that there are four times the number of ULM pilots in France compared to the UK, for about the same population. And not only that, I was then able to complete the procedure for re-validating both aircraft automatically on line without the need to send forms off in the post and also print off the proof of having done so for filing in each aircraft’s dossier.

The news sent shares in the FTSE All-Share company plummeting 34 per cent in the first hour of trading. The firm markets a range of household names from Russell Hobbs to Beldray hoovers, George Wilkinson cookware and Dreamtime bedding but has struggled to secure orders from big retailers as cautious high street sentiment bites. Heathrow has said it had a ‘flying start’ to 2018 with 5.8 million passengers travelling via the hub airport in January.

I’ve been meaning to get around to sorting the problem out for quite a while so today was the ideal day and it was satisfying to get things working properly again after only a few minutes work. Which was a surprise as continuous light rain had been forecast for most, if not all, of the day. We’ve had a lovely day, at times very warm in the bright sunshine, with just the occasional cloudy spell.

  • But today I went to Malbec with two jobs in mind – the first was to see about putting Malbec’s new windsock up that arrived today via la Poste and the second was to take some more measurements for my revised-revised design for the Savannah’s new towbar.
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Whereas I started with puzzles having only a hundred pieces or so that could be finished in 15 to 20 minutes, the new ones have more and are more challenging. When I did the most recent one of the Savannah that has 180 pieces it took me half an hour or so and I found that it was good fun to do as well. And by the way, a cautionary note for everyone who uses fuel containing alcohol, as I do in the Weedhopper and the X-Air. Wim and I were thinking about flying our Weedhoppers up to the Charente last week-end, to Club Aero-Focus where we enjoyed a fantastic Fête de la St Jean evening during our west coast tour back in 2015.

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So when I went over to Malbec this morning and found that the runway was still too soft to use plus the ground in the hangar exit was still bog-like, I decided to implement my plan B. After an hour or so, the worst of the gusts seemed to be over so I decided to give it a go. Sure enough, conditions on the flight back up to Malbec were pretty bumpy but things seemed to settle down a bit when I was set up for final. So I decided to continue for a landing, despite having a strong crosswind from the right. And after a landing that was I have to admit, not the tidiest that I’ve ever accomplished, the Savannah and I were down on the ground ready to fight another day with the shot below to prove it.

And one more thing – you mustn’t forget to take the wind into consideration. Firstly, there is just too much controlled airspace around these days and innocently blundering into it does neither yourself nor other pilots any good at all. And secondly, trying to navigate by dead-reckoning and eye over terrain that you are not familiar with is just much too tiring to keep up for 5 or 6 hours at a time and is a recipe for disaster of some kind or another. So the flight came to an abrupt end even before it had started. I was furious with myself for not taking more time and trouble to turn the Savannah around in a safer way, but it shows how one’s judgement can be impaired when under pressure.

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There are many available but the best-known one is probably the UK’s Sky Demon, which fits everything that you need into a tablet or smartphone, including route finding, NOTAMs, en route airfield data and radio frequencies, flightplan filing, in-air route plotting etc. But occasional users, even ones like me who only make infrequent international flights don’t need it. And in any case, it means that there will always be plenty left over for when the cold snaps of next winter start rolling in. But this time it was for real, and so much more exhilarating. After the high winds and turbulence of yesterday, today was a gift from the weather gods. A high of 27 degrees C had been forecast which you’d have thought would have meant more of the same, but in fact it started off rather dull and a bit cloudy with no hint of a promise of better things to come.

It’s taking much longer than I expected for Malbec’s runway to dry out but there’s no point pushing it as that will only cause damage to its surface that will then need to be rectified. I’ll try again tomorrow but I must say that on today’s evidence, I’m not that optimistic that things will be much better. saitama inu chart The first thing was to get it out and that presented me with my first problem. I’d got hold of three boards to place on the soft ground outside the hangar for the Savannah’s wheels to run on but before it even got that far, it’s left main wheel got heavily bogged down in the mud that’s inside the hangar.


I wasn’t keen, but Wim and Victor were quite sure that it could be patched up enough for the aircraft to be safely flown, and after several minutes spent reshaping the end of the slat and making it sufficiently stream-lined with duck tape, they proved their point. But by then as the Savannah began to move downhill it was already too late. So everything was perfect and with the glorious weather conditions on the day, Sunday 20 May, I was looking forward to an epic flight. However, an unfortunate sequence of events succeeded in putting paid to it, for now anyway, as I’ll go on to explain. So if you fancy a bit of fun and are into on-line games, give my new jigsaw puzzles a try by clicking on THIS LINK.

Nevertheless, I got in a ride of about half-an-hour and in the process, found an unmettled but smooth earth road through the woods to the north-east that I’m pretty sure will take me all the way to Fanlac. I rode down it for a mile or so but then turned round because of the chilly air and will have another go when the weather warms up a bit more and I have more time. So I thought that something had to be done to avoid Wim’s beautiful aircraft suffering such a fate. And the other thing I needed to do was fit the handles on my two recently acquired little oak tables.

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My aircraft is not fitted with a transponder as there’s little need for it in France and staying out of Class D and above airspace is relatively simple. This was further reinforced by the fact that flying the next day, which was a bank holiday in France, meant that picking up fuel at my chosen airfields would be uncertain at the very least. To be sure of obtaining enough to get me to Calais, I’d need to completely replan my flight to go via Saumur, where fuel is available 24/24 by bank debit card, rather than via Blois, which would more than likely be closed, so that clinched it for me.

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And the sound was because the tree was alive with thousands and thousands of bees working away to collect the pollen contained in the little flowers. Wim had left his aircraft to one side in the area where I would be turning and to give me as much room as possible, he moved it back a bit. Then I began to taxy slowly up towards the top of the runway and began my turn to get into position for take off and it became clear almost immediately to both of us as I did so that there was still insufficient space to make the turn. Readers might have surmised by now from my continued silence in respect of my planned UK flight in F-JHHP that all didn’t go as planned. Not that conditions weren’t perfect for it and the aircraft wasn’t immaculate and perfectly prepared for it, as the following pictures show. I added this page quite a while ago just as a bit of fun really having found solving on-line jigsaw puzzles quite addictive.

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There was no point keep taxying up and down the runway any more as some ruts were beginning to appear, so after I’d returned 28AAD to the barn I walked the runway and trod the biggest ones back down again, so no great harm done. I don’t think that under normal conditions with a dry runway and short grass, the Weedhopper will have a problem taking off from Malbec. However, with the grass still being relatively long and the ground so soft, even after several attempts I couldn’t get 28AAD’s nose wheel to lift, let alone do a little hop on the runway, so that’ll be for later when conditions are better.

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’ Unfortunately such accolades were slightly premature as I then immediately crashed it as I tried to get it to turn to ‘land’ somewhere near me, sadly once again without success. Several months ago when I was still unwell, a French friend unfortunately pulled it by the cable, not the plug, to detach it from my car while helping me with work in my garden and pulled off all the connections. Not from the evidence that I clapped my eyes on when I looked out of the window this morning. The final requirement will be for the ‘U’ to be rigid enough steer the aircraft while it is being towed or pushed without bending or flexing, and the best way to achieve that would be by fabricating that part of the towbar from steel box section.

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I did a bit of washing and hung it out as you have to if you don’t want to run out of underpants and socks and then left for Malbec as I’d intended to do, in order to give the runway another good cut at a much lower level. All went well and although it had warmed up a little by the time I’d finished, it still remained dull with a hazy, indistinct horizon and no wind to really speak of. Because I’d left the Savannah at Galinat the night before, my car was with me and Wim was to drive it back to Malbec, which was to be the last landing of the day.

Like my landing light, that I found was loose and will require a more secure fixing. For the moment though, as the next shot that I took at Galinat shows, I just duck-taped it in to make sure that it couldn’t fall into the prop. Then I turned a bit more to the left to fly over Wim https://cryptolisting.org/ and Sophie’s place. Once again, I couldn’t see anyone on the ground, but thought that this wasn’t surprising as I know some family members have just arrived from Holland for a visit. However, Wim and Sophie were both in a field not far from their house and also saw me fly over.

In fact I haven’t yet been over the whole table, just an initial wipe over the top, with acetone to remove any old grease that’s left over which will clean it up even more. I love working with wood, especially old wood and especially old oak of which there’s plenty here in France. I borrowed an electric sander from Victor but in the end decided to stick to Plan A and rub the whole table down by hand.

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